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Water is life. A landscape in Casa Grande, AZ, is only as good as the irrigation systems that keep its grass, shrubbery, flowers and trees growing strong. So of all the aspects of our business that we at Scenic Landscapers cover, few are as critical as the irrigation system repair and maintenance services that we provide.

Properly functioning irrigation systems are important for both the health of your greenery and of your pocketbook. Misdirected water can leave some plants parched and others drowned. Malfunctioning timers create waste through unnecessary evaporation. And a broken or leaky pipe just drains your money away into the dry earth.

Our trained, licensed professionals service all kinds of irrigation systems.
Commercial Irrigation Systems—Keep your business looking its best and keep an eye on your bottom line at the same time with regular maintenance for your irrigation system. Scenic Landscapers will routinely inspect your pipes, sprinklers and timers to ensure your system is operating at peak efficiency. Without this kind of service, you’ll be throwing away both precious water and cash.
Residential Irrigation Systems—Don’t let your lawn become patchy and dull with an ineffective irrigation system. By spending only a small amount of money for routine maintenance service, you can ensure the water you use is reaching the plants that need it. Your yard will have a healthy, even appearance and you’ll be getting the most out of your utility budget.

Scenic Landscapers knows irrigation, and you can count on us to make sure your system is functioning at its maximum efficiency. With our services, you’ll conserve water, save money and have a beautiful landscape full of properly nourished plant life. Whether you need a currently inoperative system overhauled and repaired, or want to start a maintenance routine, call Scenic Landscapers for a free inspection and quote today!

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